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    calling vs lifepurpose

    Häromdagen fick jag ett tips att lyssna till en podcast där Tara Sophia Morh intervjuades. Och jag har nu lyssnat inte bara en gång utan tre gånger.  Jag gillar en hel del som hon säger. Bland annat dessa meningar som jag plockat ut ur samtalet – de hänger nödvändigtvis inte ihop linjärt: Our callings are how we bring light and love into the world.  Then we all have different expressions of HOW we are going to do it.  Callings – how we make manifest of this into the external and internal circumstances that we encounter. A life purpose – it can feel so overwhelming. As a calling is this thing…

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    To be an alchemist of fear

      Listened to the podcast Good Life Project and an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, she who wrote Eat, pray, love.  And during this interview there were so many interesting questionsarising in me during this interview with Liz. Among the ones that stood out and resonated most within me, I will share these with you: How can I harness fear and its energy? How can I become an alchemist of fear? How can I become an alchemist of the force within love?  An alchemist within the force of 6 degrees if separation? How can I see fear as an energy and/or a signal? And how can I be thankful for the…

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